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Dancing Our Prayers

My people were here long before the others cast their sails to the wind Before the tears of innocence like a heartbreak would descend My people spread like eagles wings across the mountains and the plains Now our feathers have been broken, but the eagle still remains

Community Healers
The third Saturday of every month, students are taken across the reservation to do acts of kindness for elders. Sometimes students cut wood for elders so they can have a fire to keep them warm for the winter, and other times they paint over graffiti, serve in a homeless soup kitchen, or just pick up trash.
Life 101
Life 101 are classes that teach students how to cook, change a tire, change oil in a car, fill out applications, how to keep a budget, and many more things that are basic life skills.
Girls & Guys Night
Regular attendees to Mending Wings programs are strongly encouraged to invite their friends to Guys and Girls Night. When that friend attends they are talked to by adult & student leaders, and invited to 4-1 Youth Group. This program gives students a safe and fun place to be on Friday nights, and is a non-threatening way to expose students to our various programs.
4-1 Youth
4-1 is a very active youth group where youth rallies, community service trips, community service projects, youth conferences, camp, cultural re-vitalization classes, drum & dance teams and raising up student leaders have become part of our make-up as a youth group.
Youth Council
“Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all people in what you say, in the way you live, in the way you love others, your spirituality, and your purity.” This quote sets the tone for the ethos we create among the students who are part of Youth Council, a program where Native teens are developed as leaders as they plan, develop & implement many of the activities and teachings for our various programs.
Life Hurts, God Heals
LHGH is an 8-step (get help, open your heart, depend on Creator, hear and speak, walk a good way, ask for forgiveness, live for Creator, share with others), spiritually based program. This program gives students life-long tools to deal with their unresolved hurt and pain.

S.L.A.M. Trips Students Learning About Missions

S.L.A.M. Trips offer groups an opportunity to immerse themselves in a different way of doing missions.  S.L.A.M. Trips invite groups to the Yakama reservation as learners and listeners to show the love of Yeshua to our people.  S.L.A.M. Trip participants are immersed in Yakama Nation culture by letting healing happen from the stories of the Yakama people’s history, by participating in indigenous worship, and by the opportunity to see the power of the Creator at work through all of us.  S.L.A.M. Trips are open to middle school, high school, college students, and families. Learn more at!

Together Let’s Help Our People to Fly Again

Native people have the highest teen suicide rate in the Western hemisphere—62% higher than the national average. It’s the second leading cause of death among Natives 15-24 years of age (60% of Yakama Nation enrolled members are age 25 and younger). We have the highest alcoholism rate (510% higher than the national average), the shortest life expectancy (average 40 years of age), the lowest percentage of high school graduates, the lowest per capita income, the highest levels of unemployment and the 2nd highest teen pregnancy rate in Washington State. One out of three Native females will experience sexual assault in their lifetime. Violence, bullying and gangs are epidemic. We have also experienced significant levels of loss with respect to our language, family values, cultural values, spirituality, land and community roles due to colonization. Mending Wings works hard to improve these harsh realities through our tried, tested and varied programs. You can join us in combating these social ills by accepting the Send10 Challenge. $10 a month helps to send a Native youth to a Mending Wings program for that month. That means that for less than .35 a day, you can help Mending Wings curb teen suicide rates, ensure youth graduate from high school and move on to higher education, empower youth with self-confidence, revitalize and retain culture, tear away shame, develop youth as leaders, deter gang association and replace negative influences with positive experiences. Would you consider accepting this challenge laid before you? If so, download the form, fill it out and return to: Mending Wings c/o Corey Greaves P.O. Box 324 Wapato, WA. 98951

$10 a month enables our life-saving programs to help our Native youth fly again

Every $10/mo you send helps our organization secure the transportation, food, facilities, supplies and staff that we need to become even more effective in reaching our Native youth.


Mending Wings

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