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corey greaves

Corey Greaves

President & Founder

Corey, along with Gina (wife), founded Mending Wings in 2006, and has watched it grow to be one of the largest, spirituality-based youth organizations in the country. They have a family of four children (Steven, Kathleen, Carissa, and Matea), and make their home in Toppenish, WA. on the Yakama Reservation.

Corey has served as Youth Pastor for both the American Indian Evangelism Association/McKinley Indian Mission (where he pastored the largest Native American youth ministry in the Restoration Movement churches—Churches of Christ/Christian Church denominations—and the Central Washington Presbytery where he facilitated the growth of the largest Native American youth ministry in the Presbyterian Church, USA.

Corey is a gifted speaker who holds a passion for his people, and a deep love for Creator. He speaks at colleges, universities, churches, youth groups, and organizations across the U.S. He seeks to bring reconciliation between the Church and Native people by dealing with real issues, both historical and contemporary.

gina greaves

Gina Greaves

Co-Founder, Community Liason

Gina is the co-founder of Mending Wings, the Community Liason and has served on the Mending Wings Board since 2006. She currently works for the Yakama Nation in the Human Resources department as a Training and Development Specialist. Prior to working for the tribe, she was employed at Indian Health Service for 24 years. Gina also volunteers with Mending Wings as a youth leader. She is an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation. She is also a descendent of the Puyallup and Grand Ronde Nations, as well as Filipino and Hawaiian.

elton morrison

Elton Morrison

Footprints of Our Elders Drum Teacher

Elton started attending Mending Wings as a youth when he was about twelve years old.  Raised in the foster care system Elton lost his Native identity somewhere along the way.  After attending Mending Wings he began to learn and embrace who he is a Native human being.  He joined the Dancing Our Prayers drum group and excelled.  Now at 30 years of age he teaches drumming to the next generation, passing on knowledge and wisdom around the drum.

josephine buck

Josephine Buck

Youth Leader

Josephine is a Youth Trainer for the Native Youth Leadership Alliance (NYLA), a Research Assistant for the University of Washington Indigenous Wellness Research Institute, a full-time student at Yakima Valley Community College and a Youth Leader with Mending Wings. She has worked with Mending Wings since October of 2013. Since that time, she has watched youth engage, grow, and even work through hardship. With an overwhelming schedule, Josephine finds care, support and value in all the friendship and fellowship that has grown during her Mending Wings service.

katina james-ashlock

Katina James-Ashlock

Youth Leader

Katina began attending Mending Wings as a youth of 15 years. She is currently a Youth Leader and is involved in many aspects of Mending Wings. She credits the work of Mending Wings as playing a huge part in developing her as the person and mother she is today. Katina is married to her husband of 15 years. They have 3 children.

Bobbi Marago

Bobbi Marago

Youth Leader

Bobbi Morago is an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation and is also Hopi. She currently works for the Yakama Nation Gaming Commission and is also a food gatherer for the Wapato Longhouse, a youth leader for Mending Wings and currently sits on the Board of Directors of Mending Wings. She sincerely believes in the vision and purpose of Mending Wings and has seen the positive effect that this organization has had on many of our native young people. Having lost a 12 year old daughter to suicide due to bullying in 2014, it has been her personal mission to be there to support the young people of the Yakama Nation. She hopes to live her life in such a way that the young people can see, by her example, that alcohol and drugs are not the road they want to walk down.

jeremy vargas

Jeremy Vargas

Youth Leader

Jeremy vargas was born and raised on the Yakama Reservation. He has been a part of Mending Wings since he was 12 years old. Jeremy works at the casino full time and travels a lot during his days off. Mending Wings is more than just a organization to him…it’s his family.

Mollie George

Mollie George

Youth Leader

Mollie began attending Mending Wings as a youth of 15 years. After high school she attended a community college and began working full time at Yakama Nation Legends Casino. Mollie later returned to Mending Wings as a bus driver/youth leader. It was during this time that she started to see her passion in working with youth. After years of volunteering as a cook and youth leader for Mending Wings, Mollie was hired on full time as the SLAM Trips Director. In her spare time, she focuses on teaching her son the traditional Yakama ways. From her teen years to present day, Mending Wings has helped Mollie learn, heal, recover, and grow through the struggles she’s had to face in her life. Through Mending Wings, she hopes to show and teach future generations the love Creator has given her Native people through traditional teaches and through Yeshua.

Annaweinita Miller

Annaweinita Miller

SLAM Trips Director

Since the age of 12 Anna has been involved in Mending Wings. She now fulfills a dual role as the Route Coordinator and a Youth Leader. She enjoys being around the youth to watch them grow and learn about their culture. Her wish is to see the youth achieve their dreams and move on in a healthy lifestyle. In her free-time Anna enjoys beading, sewing, crocheting and making cakes.